feelin’ myself

The past eighteen months of my life have been the most drastic, life-changing months of my entire life. Not only did I become a wife, but I became a mother and moved across the country to Tennessee. The transitions have each had their high points and challenges.

But now, I’ve been at my job for about two months and I’m ready to begin to let go. This new life means I can choose a “new me”. It is a chance to begin again, to reset an old routine.


Thursday night I walked into Mel’s apartment. Its cozy and welcoming and it smells like a mixture of relaxing essential oils. Her new puppy protests briefly before making friends with me. She has a child gate that keeps her cat and puppy away from each other. We bond on the fact that we both have black cats.

Mel is a hairstylist who decided to leave the money-hungry grind of corporate salons and freelance cutting hair full-time out of her home and creating faces of brides on the weekends. She is originally from New Jersey and moved to Nashville in search of a different scene. This is where she met her husband.

There are a lot of reasons I believe the universe is telling me to trust her. For starters, she has curly hair like me. We bonded over that when we first met. Secondly, I found out that she is Portuguese (Not Brazilian, they speak Portuguese), just like me! and Thirdly, she and her husband’s wedding day is the same day that my son was born. We have too many connections to ignore.

In addition to our own, very unique connections, Mel is incredibly warm and friendly. Immediately, you feel at home and safe in her very capable hands. Mel does not just cut hair, she wants to help you heal your soul from the outside in. While I’m sure you could show her a picture of something you like, she is less concerned with the actual cut and more concerned about your emotional goals. When I told her that my hair needed a reset, that it felt tired and sad, that I wanted life back in my curls; she went to work, snipping away.

She was almost finished with my hair when she looked at me and said, “I think I need to go back in.” And she cut even more off. Her intuition told her that I needed more off and boy, am I glad she trusted her gut.

Having your hair cut by Mel is so much more than just a haircut, it is a soul connection with one of the most genuine people I have ever met. If you are in Nashville, call her for all your hair and make-up needs! Scroll down for the big reveal!

Connect with Mel here:

ig: @mel_alfaiate

website: melalfaiate.com

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Products I use:

Not Your Mothers Kinky Moves Hair Cream

Conair Hair Dryer and Diffuser

Carol’s Daughter Green Supreme Shampoo & Conditioner

Let me know what you use in your curly hair in the comments!

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