Dear Santa, Maybe an Instant Pot?

Sometimes I find it difficult to  come up with things that I want for Christmas. Most of the time I don’t need anything or I can’t think of anything I want. This year, though, I’m ahead of the game. I know there are a million Buzzfeed listicles about what to ask for or who to buy from, so I condensed some of my favorite things from a few of those lists and added a couple of my own. Hopefully, my list can spark ideas for your list, as well!


A beautiful National Parks of the USA Book for Jackson (but really, for me)


If you’re like me, you hate carrying around a purse. All it ends up being a catch-all for my receipts, trash, and little odds and ends that find their way into my life. Now that I have to carry around a diaper bag, I really don’t want to also carry a purse. So, this little wallet is perfect for me. It even has a matching strap!


There really isn’t a reason for this awesome hat. I’m just obsessed with Texas and I need everyone in Tennessee to know it. No shame. 


Now that I live in a state that actually get cold and stays cold, I need some more ~fire~ power to combat it. I’ve walked out to my car in the morning in 17° weather more than once already and is barely December. Therefore, I need this blanket for my morning commutes. Its a travel electric blanket! Meaning it will heat up while I drive! Too bad I don’t also have heated seats in my car – then I could be the most cozy.


Okay, so, one of my and Zach’s dreams is to have a wood-burning pizza oven in our home. But until that dream can be a reality, we don’t want to stop making pizza, so my solution is to put a pizza stone on my Christmas list. 

In addition to the pizza stone, I want to be able to perfect my pizza cooking skill. So, this cookbook is definitely on my list this year!


I’ve been watching a lot of MasterChef recently. (Sometimes I get on weird competition show kicks like when I was on maternity leave I watched almost all 24 seasons of America’s Next Top Model. The only reason I didn’t finish is that I ran out of leave haha) But, it has really inspired me to truly understand the cultures and techniques of the dishes and cuisine I like to cook. I want to expand my palette and my cooking knowledge, so I have listed a bunch of new cookbooks that will do both. Links to each book below:


Again, now that I live in a ~wintery~ state, I need a decent coat – and one that covers my behind! I park in a garage about a 5-7 minute walk from my office. While I don’t need the top of the time, I do need a coat that can withstand wind, cold, AND water. This is the one I chose and I love the green! Hopefully, it can deliver! 


Michelle Obama is such a shining example of a modern-day mother, career-woman, philanthropist, and wife. Whether you agree with her politics or not, she has a lot of success in her life. I would love to take some time and learn more about her as a person and how to became Michelle Obama.

Becoming by Michelle Obama


Harry Potter was such a huge part of my life as a child. Now that I have my own child, I want them to experience the magic that is the Harry Potter series. I’ve never owned my own copy and I’ve wanted to for years! That’s why this box set lands on my Christmas list this year.


You’d think that with all the cooking I do, I would have already tried, or even owned, a Instant Pot. But you would be wrong. I want one now because my family is growing I would love to have an appliance that comes in handy when I need a healthy meal but just don’t have a ton of time. I want this Instant Pot Ultra because it is almost it own functioning kitchen all by itself! Its big and can make a plethora of meals in 70% less time than traditional cooking. To top it off, if you have an Amazon Alexa device, she can guide you through recipes specific for the Instant Pot.  Hoping something like this will make my life a little less complicated!

Thanks for taking the time to look at my 2018 Christmas list! I hope it has inspired your Christmas list. 

As a reminder,  I want you to know that I have joined forces with Amazon as an associate. The links in this post are affiliate links and I could make money from qualified purchases.

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