12 Gifs that Accurately Describe Flying Home for the Holidays with an Infant

Buckle Up, Baby

You’re excited, but also need to wear all the protection because, y’all, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Trying to convince your infant that the plane or car ride is going to be fun!

Don’t judge that I talk to my son like I talk to myself…

Running through all the preparations in my head, thinking…

You think of everything. You change their diaper, have a full bottle, wear them out before the flight, packed toys, and books, teethers, etc.

Time to board the plane.

I mean, you knew planes were cramped, but did you really know they were cramped until you have to carry a child and a “thought-of-everything” diaper bag?

You are HYPER aware of everyone and everything

You become over apologetic because you’re bumping into everyone and everything, you’re making noises and just an overall general mess.

Finally getting settled

You put your bag under the chair, buckle your seat belt, get situated.

Then it happens…

And then just as the plane begins to pull out of the parking spot, they poop. Now you’re sitting by the window in a full plane with an hour and half of recycled air ahead of you. You just PRAY it isn’t as bad as you think and the people next to you are kind…

Do they even have changing tables in planes?

You have two prayers: hopefully no one smells the poop and two, please just fall asleep

No one wants to be “that kid” on the plane.

But, there’s no sleep in your future…

You have now become your child’s favorite jungle gym.

Finally, the plane lands

and you are wiped! But, guess what? It isn’t over. You have to get out of the plane, collect bags at baggage claim (because you know you have more than just the diaper bag) and into the car with your family.

But, family.

It all ends up being worth it because you get to see your family and there are lots of hugs involved.

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